Schilling PL Slide.NI

Schilling PL Slide.NI

Uninsulated sliding door system


Aluminum profile system that allows to design and make glazed sliding segments. The L 50 system consists of single-chamber aluminum profiles without a thermal separator. The wings are moved on specially adapted lift tracks. Due to the frame used, it is possible to prefabricate the structure on a double or triple rail.

Distinguishing features

Uninsulated system

Schilling PL Slide.NI is an uninsulated system


Available in sliding and lifting-sliding versions.

Up to 200 kg

Schilling PL Slide allows the use of wings weighing up to 200 kg in the sliding and lifting-sliding version


Fittings mounted in Eurorowek

Technical data

Profile diemnsions
Lower frame profile - 37 mm, horizontal wing - 77.4 mm, vertical wing - 96 mm, frame profile - 77.4 mm
Construction depth
50 mm - two rail, 89.5 mm - three rail
Height of the glazing bead
20 mm
Glazing width
4 - 18 mm
Acoustic insulation
Improves window insulation by 22 dB according to PN-87 / B-02151/03
Fire resistance class


Schilling S600i
Schilling S600i
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Schilling PL Slide.NI

  • Uninsulated system
  • Wings weight up to 200 kg
  • Available in sliding and lifting-sliding versions.
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