Schüco ASS 50.NI

Non-insulated sliding door system


Schüco ASS 50.NI is a non-insulated, sliding, lift and slide system with a narrow width for insulating glass units. The Schüco ASS 50.NI sliding and lifting system is ideal for indoor areas or areas where no additional thermal insulation is required. With narrow profiles only 120 mm wide, a non-insulated aluminum structure is optimized for large glass surfaces with maximum penetration of light, while requiring minimal space. A wide range of fittings and combinations of handles complements the range of systems.

Distinguishing features

No insulation

Sliding and lifting system with optimized thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077

Profiles depth

The basic depth of the venting profiles: 50 mm. Flat outer frame profile as a continuous frame


Burglary resistance up to RC 2 class according to DIN V ENV 1627

Sliding drive

Sliding drive with minimal noise


Possible wide range of colors, different color patterns inside and outside

Technical data

Burglary resistance up to RC 2 class according to DIN V ENV 1627

Materiały do pobrania

Brochure about the Schüco ASS line

Brochure about Schüco ASS 50.NI


  • Uninsulated profile of sliding doors
  • Drainage system
  • Resistance to burglary up to RC 2 class
  • Possibility to mount a fan
  • In any color and pattern
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