Schilling S6000i

High-end roof system

The best thermal insulation makes the Schilling S6000i roofing system the best product in its class.

Designed for the most demanding

The Schilling S6000i system is the best insulated roof system for winter gardens. Up to quadruple glass packages, the ability to hide the downpipe and more are only one of the features of the S6000i system.

Distinguishing features

The best insulation

Aluminum profiles in combination with insulators made of plastic and additional inserts create the highest thermal protection

Energy-saving glass

Triple or quadruple glazing

Modern design

The use of the latest technologies and design

Large installation depth

Possibility to attach the window and door elements to a depth of 95mm

Technical data

Depth of construction
Possibility to attach the window and door elements to a depth of 95mm​
High static parameters of the gutter profile
Possibility to obtain large spans between support pillars
Possibility to use glazing up to 52mm
Roof slope
Possible roof inclination with a slope of up to 45 °
Wall connection
Wall profile with adjustable roof slope angle
Heat insulation
Highest thermal insulation
Standards and safety
Manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN EN 1090 and DIN EN 1991 (Euro Code)

Possibilities of extension

The Schilling S6000i system can be extended with additional options such as LED lighting, hiding the gutter and wooden interior finish.
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Optional concealment of roof drainage
  • Possibility to use glazing up to 52mm


Schilling S600i
Schilling S600i
Schilling S600i
Schilling S600i
Schilling S600i

Thermally insulated gutter profile with an additional insulating core

Thermally insulated multi-element wall profile with additional insulating cores. Adjustable angle of roof slope from 5 ° to 45 °

Schilling S600i

Side rafter

Schilling S600i

Central rafter with LED channel

Schilling S600i

Corner, insulated

Middle pole, insulated

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Schilling S6000i

  • The best insulation
  • Energy-saving glass
  • Modern design
  • Large installation depth
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