Schüco AWS 90.SI+

Window system with maximum thermal insulation


Schüco AWS 90.SI + aluminum window system is characterized by maximum thermal insulation for balanced architecture with a construction depth of only 90 mm.

Distinguishing features

The best insulation

Highest thermal insulation at the depth of the 90 mm profile and Uf values from 0.71 W / m²K.


Compatible with Schüco ADS 90.SI and Schüco TipTronic.

Architectural requirements

The highest architectural requirements are met.

Passive house certification

It has a passive house certificate.


Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed system - burglary resistance available for RC 1 N, RC 2 and RC 3.

Technical data

Depth of construction
Heat insulation
The average Uf value of 1.0 W / m²K, Uw coefficient = 0.8 W / m²K (with the outside width of the profile 117 mm) and Ug = 0.6 W / m²K (with plastic between the panes of glass).


Brochure about the Schüco AWS line


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Schüco AWS 90.SI+

  • The best insulation
  • Compatible with Schüco ADS 90.SI and Schüco TipTronic.​
  • Passive house certification
  • The 90.SI + Green variant was made from renewable raw materials
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